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How to fill out a horse betting slip

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Filling out a horse betting slip step by step

horse betting slip image
Picture of basic horse betting slip
Step 1: Read the race card
Look down the list of horses, and choose what you think is the best bet in the field.  You basically to pick a horse that has performed well and improving over the last 3 races.  You also want a horse and race that is similar track and race conditions to last race.
(see "how to place bet on favorites")

Step 2: Write down your stake
Write the amount of money you wish to bet.  You always want this to be a percentage of your total betting bank.  You want this percentage to be consistent and the same across all bets.

Step 3: Write down your horse
Write the name of your horse under the stake.

Step 4: Time and meeting
Write down when and where your horse is running.

Step 5: Total stake
At the bottom of the betting slip, enter the total amount of your bets on the slip.
(see step #2 above) Take your completed slip to the cashier.

Here is a list of different types of horse bets you can place.

Horse Betting Racing Club
Turns $15 into $157.28

EVERY Saturday afternoon
Obviously  this is an oversimplified explanation as anyone can fill out a horse betting slip but winning consistently enough to create a reliable or perhaps even grand income is yet another thing.  It CAN be done however. 

The biggest key amongst all horse bet professionals (guys who make a lot of money out of it and are famous for it) like Mohammed Ali or Betfair trainer John Burgess is exercising a discipline to follow a proven horse betting plan and not wavering.

In other words never let your emotion EVER dictate what you do with that horse betting slip.  2 great publications for making a living with horse betting are "How to place bet on favorites for a living" and "False Favorites"  Both these guides are not expensive, they are easy enough to understand that even a beginner could get started and they both come with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee.